Yin Yoga: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Yin Yoga: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

When things get tough, we usually pivot. In yin yoga class, we challenge that urge to move away from discomfort and remain still.

It’s the easiest and hardest yoga I’ve ever tried.

We melt into the stationary poses and search for ease and release in the deep, lingering stretches. Physically, our bodies hit an edge. Muscles can only lengthen and twist so far. Then the mental work-in fires up.

Can you sit and endure these poses?
Do you fidgit?
Does your mind wander?
Do you feel agitated?

Then, sit some more.

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If you’ve never taken a yin yoga class, it’s a true departure from a faster-paced ashtanga or hatha flow. Every pose forces you to be mindful of your body’s abilities and where your mind goes when put under pressure.

Yin Yoga Class

You learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It’s an incredibly reflective practice that bubbles up ideas and strength that you can take off your mat.

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I’m often asked what type of yoga I enjoy, and yin is definite at the top of the list, in addition to therapeutic (prajja) and gentle, slow hatha flows.

If you’re just starting to venture into yoga and want more of a meditation-based work-in than a sweaty workout, sign up for a yin yoga class. Then, let me know how it goes.

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