Why I (Continue to) Do Yoga

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Between managing this blog and tackling client work, I end up writing about yoga at least once a week. Lucky me!

In addition to talking about a topic I adore, I get to pause and think critically about how my perspective on yoga has evolved over time.

Just about three years ago I wrote Why I Do Yoga for Cupcakes And Yoga Pants. After re-reading that post I realize how much my appreciation for my practice has grown. I’m learning that yoga is just as essential to my healthcare management as taking prescription medicines, quality supplements and going to medical appointments.

In 2016, I wrote about yoga again, this time for Hello Humankindness. Today, many of the same benefits continue to lead me to my mat.

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Earlier this spring, the studio where I regularly practice asked me to write about yoga as part of a student series on their website. Of course, I was excited and happy to reflect on my current thoughts.

You can see the post HERE and read it below. Enjoy!



On my mat, I am free.

Releasing daily challenges that constrict my mind and body creates energy and space for joy. During moments of mindfulness, I focus on the glorious breath that sustains me, not the uncontrollable situations that bind me. As we bend, stretch and reach I feel strong and empowered, even if I only move an inch. I feel a rush of energy tingle through my arms and legs at the end of class as my mind and soul are rejuvenated naturally.

On my mat, there’s no judgment. Nobody laughs at my swollen joints or wobbly stance. I’m not defined by my diagnoses, belly roll or messy hair. There are no deadlines or need for do-overs. You don’t have to be bendy or athletic. Everything is accepted.

You don’t have to be bendy or athletic. Everything is accepted.

I made yoga part of my daily health regime when I finally decided that I deserve physical and emotional freedom. I was tired of the daily body-eroding medications and lingering depression that accompanies chronic illness. Each day I juggle the physical and mental challenges of multiple autoimmune conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease and eczema. I’m also working through a pivotal point in my life colored with several layers of grief, loss and acceptance.

I know I’m not alone when I say we all have too much weighing on our minds and hearts. For me, that heaviness melts away when I step onto my yoga mat. It’s just me. That’s all. And, that’s enough. I hope to see you in a yoga class soon!

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