Why Don’t We Talk About It?

Why Don’t We Talk About It?

Why do we push the tough, taboo topics down? We don’t talk about those things in public, my dear.

But, why?

I just finished reading an article about a family who chose to disclose the reason for their son’s death in his obituary. Suicide. As heartbreaking and confusing as their situation must be, they’re starting a conversation.

They’re giving air and life and attention to a topic that’s usually spoken about with hushed words.

Why don’t we talk about the tough topics more? What are we afraid of? Support? Feelings? Acceptance? Awareness?

Think about the topics that you wouldn’t dream of talking about publicly. An illness? A loss? A fear? A lacking of…?

If you knew that someone out there would listen and care, would you then give your concerns the air and life they deserve?

Think about it.

Hidden, festering worries poison us. Letting those thoughts bubble to the surface, become normalized and eventually released give you emotional and physical freedom.

I challenge you to start a conversation today — with yourself. Sit with your thoughts rather than suppressing them with negative self-talk, junk food, alcohol, excessive sleep or other unhealthy habits.

What are you avoiding in your life? How can you give it wings and let it go?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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