What is Your Why?


A little while ago a writer friend on Twitter called me out. He posted a short, quick note on my feed asking me why I get up in the morning. “What is your why?”, he asked.

Well, heck, there’s no way I could answer that in 140 characters.

I’ve been thinking about his question a lot lately. On the surface, it’s easy to say that I need to earn a living, and lots of people count on me to meet deadlines. My dogs need me to feed them. The hubby appreciates me. And of course, the laundry needs to be done.

Then I dug a little deeper. What really fuels me and keeps me going?

I think I have an almost insatiable desire to keep learning and trying things. For people who know me personally, I’m always doing something. I don’t think the words “I’m bored.” or “I’m not doing anything so…” have ever come out of my mouth.

I’m trying to learn more about yoga.
I’m trying to make healthier food choices.
I’m trying to pitch new writing clients.
I’m trying to de-clutter and minimize stuff in my house.
I’m trying to spend more time with my aging dogs.
I’m trying to grow a garden.
I’m trying to build a successful business.

I’m always moving forward, and more recently, learning how to stop and absorb individual moments more fully. I’m realizing yoga is much more than physical exercise. Meditation and learning to be mindful is a huge part of the practice.

This aspect has helped me let go of daily stresses and really focus on things that are important in my life. It’s tough to let yourself go and empty your brain when it feels like you always have 27 tabs open. But when you can finally reach that moment, it’s magical.

So, what’s your “Why?”. Feel free to share in the comments below!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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Note: This post was updated on January 12, 2017.


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  1. Alex says:

    I think we, as independent workers have what you mentioned here in our core. We all have a burning desire to learn, grow, and expand our horizons. We are a curious lot, so curious that a job feels constricting, and limiting.

    For me, I felt like I was missing out on being with my family because my side projects and job got in the way. I decided to make my side projects my job 🙂

    My why is my son, and my wife. Not just the supporting them by paying the bills, though. I need to be intwined with their life. I don’t want to miss anything. My son was born this past October. I was working for a company at the time he was born. The pay was very good, but I couldn’t stay there any more. I found myself stressing over the fact that I never got to see him because he was in bed. I didn’t like that my relationship with my wife consisted of sitting on a couch, chatting about what I missed that day (and complaining about my job.). I felt like my family and I were living 3 separate lives, and just passing through. That really bothered me.

    I’m working for myself today for the freedom to be a part of my family again, and the right to choose how I make a living to keep us afloat. If you keep living for the future, you’ll forget to live now, so I’m living now.

    • Angela Tague says:

      Hi Alex!

      Thanks so much for challenging me AND for sharing your story too. I totally understand what you mean by living for the future. Man, we have to live for now!

      I used to work some crazy hours, travel out of town for work and be exhausted all the time from it. I never got to see my husband and it really started to get old fast. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to make freelancing a full-time career. This month I’m celebrating six years as an independent contractor! Woo hoo! And you know what… I’ve never looked back.

      Upward and onward for both of us!

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