Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

You really don’t need a holiday to spoil that amazing gal in your life — including yourself! But, with so many Valentine’s Day sales and promotions out there, we’re all reminded of this big day o’ love every time we step into a store or login to our favorite online retailer! So, let’s make the holiday ROCK for all the sweet ladies in our lives.

I’ve put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide to make your best girlfriend, mom, sister, niece, aunt, grandma, significant other or wife happy you remembered her this year. Sure, candies and flowers are nice, but a little something different will earn you brownie points. Mmmmmm, brownies! So, maybe make some homemade brownies, pick up a few blooms or grab one of these goodies!

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Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

The hubby did awesome this Christmas by picking out a necklace for me that lets me take my favorite scents everywhere I go. The locket-style necklace holds a small pad that I can infuse with whatever essential oil scent I want to enjoy. I’ve been crushing on lavender for weeks!

You can grab it on Amazon right now for just $19.99 AND it’s Amazon Prime eligible, so if you’re a member, you can get free 2-day shipping.

Great for: Wife, Best Friend, Mom, Grandma, Girlfriend, Yourself

3D lashes

Look at those amazing lashes! Nope, they’re not falsies. It’s makeup! Get some for the gal in your life, or yourself!

Fresh Lip Color and Bold Eyes

Every girl likes to pretty it up on occasion. But, it’s so tough to buy makeup for someone else, unless you stick with some amazing basics like lip color and mascara!

My friend Alyssa is a true makeup master and would love to help you choose a fabulous lip color (I’m digging these Lip Bonbons!) or 3D lash-enhancing mascara.

Visit Alyssa’s website HERE for more amazing gift ideas for her!

Great for: Niece, Best Friend, Sister, Aunt, Girlfriend, Yourself

GLOW for a cause perfume

Purse-Ready Solid Perfume

My friends at GLOW for a Cause have created the coolest new on-the-go solid perfume that’s perfect for the lady who travels or loves to reapply perfume during the day without misting everyone in the ladies restroom.

GLOW for a Cause sent me an amazing sample of their Inspire scent. It’s an uplifting blend of floral and citrus scents.

The best part? A portion of each purchase is donated to their partner charities which include:
⦁        Cowgirls vs. Cancer
⦁        Boston Firefighter’s Burn Foundation
⦁        The Red Sox Foundation
⦁        MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
⦁        The Gathering Place
⦁        Berni’s Journey

You can find GLOW for a Cause online HERE.

Great for: Yourself, Aunt, Wife, Grandma, Best Friend, Niece

Huggable Oversize Body Pillow

OK, we’ve all seen the meme of the girl cuddling the giant body pillow and thought, I’d could sure use one of those! Well, make it a gift!

I’ve been shopping around on Amazon and am totally digging THIS giant pillow to snuggle during Sunday afternoon naps.

Great for: Niece, Girlfriend, Best Friend, Wife, Yourself

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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