Update: 8 months of Holistic Treatments, Ready for Maintenance Mode?

Update: 8 months of Holistic Treatments, Ready for Maintenance Mode?

I’ve documented my health journey online since the summer of 2010. I’ve shared about various treatment modalities, medications, supplements, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and so much more.

For the past eight months, I’ve taken a new-to-me holistic approach.

I’m Trying a Holistic, Homeopathic Approach to Healing Autoimmunity

Simply put, we looked for the root causes triggering my autoimmune issues, skin issues and neurological problems. I’ve been taking a variety of Des Bio, Standard Process and other supplements and treatments to manage a host of underlying issues including Lyme disease (Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia), Epstein Barr virus, parasites, mold, phlegm production, unbalanced hormones and so much more.

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Here’s a Quick Health Update

Two summers ago I was miserable with MS-like symptoms that led me to a year and a half of ongoing testing and appointments with a neurologist. I was exhausted, broke and scared.

Then, a friend told me about the new holistic approach she was taking with her ill daughter. I figured, what do I have to lose? I might as well give it a try.

For the past eight months, I’ve focused on getting my body into balance, supporting the core functions like lymphatic drainage, and teaching my immune system how to recognize common viruses and bacteria — and fight them off!

I’ve been doing electrodermal screening tests every six to eight weeks to gauge my progress. I’ve also had a few ultrasounds to monitor tumor growth (and SHRINKING!). Two weeks ago we did a comprehensive test and my body is pretty much back in normal range — on everything!


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What I’m Doing Now to Manage My Health

Dear reader — you have no idea how shocked I was with my test results. I mean, I had high hopes this would be helpful, but after years of trying everything out there with little spikes of success followed by more issues, I was skeptical.

My doctor asked if I was ready to go into maintenance mode.

I said no! Why? I wanted to go double hard on supporting my body to reduce tumor growth. I have a handful of fibroid tumors in my uterus, a thyroid tumor and a benign tumor on my arm. And, although the last round of ultrasounds showed stability and even some shrinking, I want to continue to support my body, balance my hormones and reduce phlegm (which encourages tumors to grow) until I get clear ultrasounds where the tumors are no longer detectable, or show calcification and die off.

And, What’s Next? Good Question!

Who knows! Do any of us really know where our wellness journey will take us? I plan to keep sharing my story and inspiring others to take control of their health. After all, you are your number one advocate!

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Choose healthy!

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