The Yoga Selfie Debate

Do you take yoga selfies?Do you pose and snap?

I recently read an article condemning those who post yoga selfies online. The writer said yogis showing off advanced poses make newbies feel unaccomplished and weak since they haven’t achieved that ability level yet.

I’m new. I don’t feel intimidated.

Do you take yoga selfies? Do you take yoga selfies?

Of course there’s also the argument that selfies in general are egotistical and posted by attention-seeking folks.

Me? I see yoga selfies as inspirational and educational. I learned about scorpion pose thanks to an Instagrammer. It’s my new “goal pose” that doesn’t have a due date. When my body is ready, I will achieve it.

I also like seeing pictures of myself doing yoga to help improve my posture. Since I don’t have a huge mirror at home to check my alignment, pictures help me improve. Plus, it’s fun to see progress over the years.

And above all, I love photography. So, why wouldn’t I play with light and angles when doing yoga too?

So, what do you think about yoga selfies?

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Note: This post was updated on February 13, 2017.






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