The Root of it All: Acceptance

The Root of it All: Acceptance

Fun finds on my recent walk!

Here we are. As kids head back to school, we’ve reached the final post in the Summer Self-Care Series.

We’ve been mindful about gratitude.
The art of reflection has been discussed.
And, we’re getting better about checking-in with ourselves.

I’ve been debating for weeks what to highlight for the last post in this series, and I keep coming back to the idea of acceptance. Without appreciating where we are, in this moment, the rest of these self-care ideas aren’t as powerful.

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I wrote in detail about acceptance for the Tom’s of Maine Good Matters blog, in The Importance of Self-Love, Part 1: Acceptance. Check it out if you’re ready to take back your happiness.

Continually craving the changes we seek means that we aren’t in the moment and finding acceptance for where we are right now. On my neighborhood walk the other evening, I walked past some amazing, literal “signs” from the universe that embrace acceptance. (See collage pic.)

Why does this matter? The days are passing, and if our heads are stuck ruminating about the past or hoping for the future, the moments right in front of us get lost in the mix and ignored.

Here are a few mantras to help instill a feeling of acceptance right now.

I am beautiful as I am. (Not, I will be beautiful when I lose 10 lbs.)
I am resilient each day. (Not, I will be on my game once I….)
I am a courageous person. (Not, I will be confident once I finally…)
I am smart. (Not, I will be intelligent when I graduate/get the promotion/publish the book…)

Be present. Be accepting. Be you in this exact moment.

Here are my mantras for today:

I am healthy and healing today.
I am creative whether I write 100 words or 1000 words today.
I am beautiful without makeup today.

What can you accept about yourself today? Say it quietly to yourself in your mind several times.

Listen and believe it.

This is the final post in my four-part summer series on self-care. There’s no mention of bubble baths and retail therapy here. It’s time to harness some major self-love by cultivating joy and exploring acceptance in our lives every single day. Won’t you join me? Get future posts in your email inbox by subscribing here.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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