The Mysterious Letter ‘A’

The Mysterious Letter 'A'

My home is located in a high-pedestrian area. It’s not uncommon to find things left behind by walkers, joggers and cyclists. Hidden beer cans linger under the lilac bush often and I’ve picked up more fast-food drink cups and wrappers over the years than I can count.

Yesterday while I was transplanting some daisies and columbines, I stumbled across a small plastic square. It reminded me of a miniature needlepoint sampler. I noticed a perfectly stitched capital letter ‘A’ with a simple border.

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I confirmed with my husband that I was seeing this correctly. It was an ‘A’!

Where was it from? Why did it land in my flowerbed? And, is it a coincidence the one letter crafted on the tiny canvas represents my first name?

I’d like to think an angel from above was sending me a little “Hello”.

What are your thoughts?

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