The Metal Horse

The Metal Horse

Sometimes you simply need to play with art. The theme of this blog is making healthy decisions one day at a time. So, I’ve decided to play around with some photo editing.

Photography makes me happy. Happiness keeps me healthy.

Above is an image of a metal art sculpture of Paul Revere on horseback. It’s in the lobby at The Revere Hotel in the theater district of Boston. This steampunk-style artwork was a welcomed greeter for this Iowa, horse-loving girl.

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Here’s the original image for comparison:

The Metal Horse

I decided to make the top picture look more industrial to fit with the sculpture’s metallic medium. I converted it into a grayscale image and bumped up the contrast to purposely blow out the highlights. The edits were simple, but I think it’s a fun interpretation of the artist’s vision.

What hobbies make you happy? Comment below!

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