The Magic of Micro-Goals

The Magic of Micro-Goals

I’m in goal-setting mode again. Every year as fall transitions to winter I audit my writing business… and reflect on my personal life. What needs to be revamped? My exercise routine? My meal planning? My trauma healing?

All of the above?

Like most, I’ve adopted new ways of going about my days to accommodate pandemic life. I’m avoiding large crowds, staying home more, stocking up on washable masks and getting into more of a DIY at-home mindset. I’m also realizing that I’m in my second or third wave of restructuring my routine to accommodate where I’m at now in this journey.

And lately, I’ve been setting micro-goals.

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What is a Micro-Goal?

A micro-goal is a tiny, achievable task. That’s it. It’s a goal that you absolutely can accomplish in the time period you’ve set aside. For example, your original goal might be, “I want to write a book this year.” OK, that’s a HUGE goal with lots of steps. Your micro goal for today might be writing one page of that book. That’s it. One page and then you’ve earned the gold star or cupcake — your choice.

Micro-goals can be set for absolutely anything you want to achieve. The magic is that they’re so tiny, and manageable, that once achieved they motivate you to continue setting them and often doing more than originally planned, which helps you make progress.

In his book Break the Curse, author Steve Kelley explains setting goals provides much-needed direction and focusing of our energy when working to relaunch our routines. Boy, do we need that more now than ever! Thanks for sending your book my way, Steve! Goals equal strategy. Strategy turns into accomplishments. Getting shit done feels good. So, let’s do this.

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What Are Some Micro Goals?

I’m setting micro-goals for my nutrition, exercise, work, caring for my dog, house shopping and even building a new relationship. If there’s anything you’re working toward, break it down and figure out what you can do in 15 to chip away at that goal.

Here are some micro-goal examples with the overall goal of eating healthier:

  • Add a veggie to your next meal
  • Skip the dairy-based butter
  • Buy an extra leafy green on your next grocery order
  • Opt for an individually wrapped chocolate instead of a handful of cookies
  • Drink water today instead of sugary pop, flavored coffee or juice

Here are a few micro-goals for someone who wants to start exercising more:

  • Do knee lifts when you’re cooking at the stove
  • Make an extra lap around the grocery store to boost your step count for the day
  • Leave 10 minutes early for an appointment and walk around the block before going inside
  • Do 10 sit-ups before climbing into bed
  • Wake up and do three sun salutations to start your day

When I say make tiny goals, I really do mean things and decisions you can complete in a matter of minutes. We all have unplanned moments in our day and actively chose how to fill them.

Will you focus on reaching your goals?

Last week on the Cupcakes and Yoga Pants Facebook Page, I started posting daily accountability posts where readers and I are chatting about our goals and achievements. Feel free to join us if you need the motivation to get going with micro-goals!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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