The Call of Nature

Angela on her horse, Prince.

Prince and I, back in the 80s.

Barefoot and bareback, with no reins, Prince and I would lazily amble down the gravel path extending beyond the end of the driveway. Our destination was always the same bowl-shaped meadow studded with clusters of bold purple blooms.

I named this sanctuary Violet Valley.

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It was my version of the Secret Garden where I’d talk to the trees and nap on the back of my horse in the summer sun.

It was miles away from the real world.

It was my happy place as a child.

Fast forward thirty-some years and I still find myself gravitating to groves of trees, grasses and wildflowers. The call of nature is strong for this girl.

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oak tree close up

My favorite oak tree in 2019.

This fall’s siren is a scattered cluster of twisty, complex oaks flanked with fiery sumac, a swift fox, bushy pines and startled rabbits. Instead of resting on the warm fuzzy back of a pet, I nestle into the comfort of Earth’s embrace.

Singing cicadas fill my ears.

Soft soil warms my back.

Ribbon grass tickles my arms.

Angie lying in wild grasses

My happy place!

I am supported, nurtured, revived.

Do you also visit a place in nature to fill your soul with peace and happiness?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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