The Bees in Our Lives

The Bees in Our Lives

Bees brave our gardens and flower pots daily. These tiny pollinators move seeds and pollen from bloom to bloom, fertilizing plants that produce food including apples, berries and even almonds, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Without bees, crops would dwindle.

Unfortunately, colonies are threatened each day by global warming, pesticides, parasites and changes in our landscape that don’t support their lifestyles.

But, they keep on buzzing.

Worker bees feed on the sweet liquid nectar found in flowers while collecting pollen. They also store nectar in special pouch-like structures so they can bring nourishment home to their colony, according to Sciencing.

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The nectar gets mixed with enzymes to form honey, a food both the bees and humans enjoy. Pollen is also mixed with the honey for bee larvae to feed on.

I’ve never really thought too much about bees. I know their sting creates a fiery patch of pain on my skin (I’m super allergic!) and they play a role in ensuring a stable food supply.

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Over the weekend I noticed this big fuzzy bumble bee (see photo at the top of this post) working his way from one cluster of lilac blossoms to another. I watched as he investigated, examined and fed on each tiny bloom.

It’s easy to get annoyed by a bee’s buzzing and possible attack. It’s easy to reach for the bug spray and just be done with them. It’s easy to hate them based on a past experience or expectation.

I decided to just observe, without judgment. It’s pretty miraculous what these tiny little creatures do for our ecosystem.

Have you had a mindful moment recently that challenged your preconceived views of something? Did it cause you to reflect or learn?

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