That’s for Girls!

That's for Girls!

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I’m pretty open-minded. So, yesterday when I was shopping at the local dollar store, I was taken back by the way a father was treating his toddler son.

As they worked their way down the aisle I was browsing, the kid stopped, sat down on the floor and bellied-up to a box of brightly-colored packages. He started sorting through the small objects, then loudly announced to his dad, “I want lipstick!” as he held up a few tubes.

The dad, obviously embarrassed, quickly chimed in, “No you don’t. That’s for girls. Come on.”.

Now, beyond the obvious messy factor, I don’t really care if a little boy or girl plays with lipstick. Or, if a boy wants to put sparkly barrettes in his hair. Or, if he thought the fluffy makeup brushes were neat. He’s a kid. He’s drawn to new things, especially when they’re colorful or uncommon.

Do you think it’s ok for boys to play with things that are generally marketed to girls? Why or why not?

Oh, and as the two made their way down the next aisle, the boy launched into a big bin of wrapping paper. He picked out Dora the Explorer paper. He was quickly reprimanded and told to get some with cars on it instead.

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