Summer Self-Care Series 2019


I’ve been itchy. This time it’s not from eczema!

I’ve been dreaming about diving into a summer self-care series that focuses on a few root ways to truly take care of ourselves. There’s so much more to self-care than bubble baths and pedicures.

I’m a firm believer that consistent, unapologetic self-care is what it takes to best manage chronic health conditions. Really, everyone can benefit from self-love and personal nourishment.

Over the next four weeks you’ll notice a series of bite-size posts highlighting ways to put yourself first. I’ll share snippets from my weekly routines to hopefully inspire you to take action too.

Every relationship you have — friends, work, family, romantic — are enhanced when you’re operating at an optimal level. Don’t you want to bring your healthiest self to the table? I do!

So, let’s take better care of ourselves this summer, shall we? The first post drops next week. If you’d like each one to land in your email inbox, sign up HERE.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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