Starting a Blog? Check out Bluehost

Starting a Blog? Check out BluehostAre you thinking of starting a blog?

Each week I receive emails from readers and friends who are learning about what it takes to launch their own website with a blog.

My first bit of advice is to decide what you want to do with your little space on the web. If it’s a fun outlet to express yourself, a free site (with some limitations) is probably just fine.

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However, if you want to earn some side cash, or make this a career, look into a self-hosted website. This means you buy a domain name and choose a website host. These both get renewed annually for as long as you want to maintain your website.

The main perks of having a self-hosted blog are the ability to monetize the website without breaking any FCC or host rules, the ability to custom design every bit of the website’s style and add as much content to the site as you want.

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To earn money with your self-hosted website, you can implement advertisements, experiment with affiliate marketing or get into sponsored posts. You could also sell handcrafted items, coaching sessions or e-books.

Yes, you can make some serious cash blogging, but it takes time to build an audience, voice and cache of great information. Essentially, you’re building a business that requires daily attention.

Both of my websites are hosted by Bluehost. I love this company because the user interface is super simple for a non-techy gal like me and they have super friendly customer support. I’ve used the chat and email service with ease many times.

Learn more about Bluehost HERE.

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