Speak Up! A Short Story About Advocating for Yourself

Author Angela Tague showing she got her COVID-19 booster shot. A blue bandage is visible on her upper arm.

Sure, we can approve that for you.

After months of wavering and wondering if I’d be eligible for a second COVID vaccine booster shot, it took approximately a three-minute phone call with my doctor’s nurse to get approval. We chatted. She checked my file. And, that was it.

Let’s schedule an appointment, she said.

Whether you’re new to managing a health condition or have trouble speaking up for yourself in general, I challenge you to also muster up some courage and put yourself first. I’ve found that when I advocate for myself, I often get the results I want — and quickly too!

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Take Control Over Your Wellness Journey

On Friday morning, I received my second COVID vaccine booster shot.

The nurse explained to me that in our community the numbers of infections are surging again thanks to the BA5 variant. This one is more contagious than the Delta variant. On a positive note, she explained that the illness from BA5 is milder, and if started in the first five days, the anti-viral drug Paxlovid can help manage symptoms.

Then we talked a bit more about my medical history.

She agreed that if I were to catch COVID, it would weaken my immune system and make me more susceptible to another round of Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Managing the two illnesses at once would require hospitalization and lots of hope for recovery.

So, I’m being proactive. I’m advocating for myself as much as possible.

New Treatment for Immunocompromised People

I recently read an article from National Public Radio (NPR) about Evusheld, an antibody therapy designed to help prevent COVID-19 infections for immunocompromised people like me. I showed my nurse. She said it sounds promising, but is not yet available in her clinic. She recommended talking with my rheumatologist for more information.

Again, advocating for myself felt good. It’s much better than wondering if that treatment was tucked away on a shelf down the hall.

I’m sharing this story to give you that boost you need to visit the doctor, ask questions or reach out for help. After all, the number one person responsible for your wellness is… you.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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