Six Pinterest Accounts for Pet Lovers

photo of a dog lying on a wood floor with a toy

Need a cute kitty fix? Or, want to research a new dog breed? Pop on over to Pinterest and check out these pet lovers’ accounts. There’s plenty of wagging tails, furry smiles and sleepy pets to make you smile!

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    This self-proclaimed ultimate destination for serious dog lovers is hosted by a canine CEO named Splash. The Siberian Huskey (with the help of his human partner Justin Palmer) has created Pinterest boards dedicated to everything from Doggie Smiles to We Love Cats, Too. And, don’t miss the Dogs are Rad board for the ultimate in adorable canine pictures!
  2. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium
    This London-based cat cafe has over 70 boards dedicated to kitten cuteness. Browse recipes for cat-shaped treats, artsy cat photography and even cat crafts. Be sure to check out the Meet Our Cats board to see the feline hosts of the cat cafe.
  3. The Great Cat
    If you’re a history buff who loves art and cats, this Pinterest account is for you! Click through the sea of pictures of historical figures and famous people cuddling their feline family members. The Cats in Art series of Pinterest boards features feline art categories by century, artists and genre. Catariffic!
  4. Dog Friendzy
    Love browsing information about a specific breed of dog? This pinner will be your new best friend! From Boston Terriers to Schnauzers, there’s surely a board about your favorite breed of dog to check out.
  5. Pawsitively Pets
    This pinner posts a bit of everything related to pets, from care tips to funny photos. The boards are categorized by animal type. So, if you want to see pictures of farm critters as pets, learn more about sugar gliders or see photos of lizards close-up, this is the account to follow!
  6. Life with Dogs and Cats
    If you’re a pet lover through and through this pinner will make you smile. From pet haikus and photos to pet-themed jewelry and books, you’ll be browsing the over 600 pins for hours. Don’t miss the Dog Houses board for some really creative canine condo ideas!

Bored? Head over to Pinterest to get your fill of pet care information, animal photos and pet parenting inspiration.

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Note: This post was updated on February 3, 2017.




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