Showing Up for…Yourself

Showing Up for...Yourself

I gently fluffed my side ponytail as I sang along to classic Poison lyrics circa 1988.

You can look, but you can’t touch…

As I swayed along to the throwback music of my youth, I slowly lined my tired eyelids with three shimmering colors of glitter: gold, blue and pink.

I slipped into my well-worn MTV shirt and flashy neon pink and black leopard print leggings. I was ready for Friday night.

It wasn’t any old Friday. It was day 8 in self-isolation to protect myself from COVID-19, a rampant virus causing a global pandemic. Hello, social distancing.

What in the world was I doing? I was prepping for an endorphin-bursting solo dance party in my living room to a few Just Dance DVDs on the Wii.

I was showing up for myself.

I dressed in wild colors, listened to upbeat music and shook my tail feathers all for — me.

As we move forward through these uncertain times and learn to adapt to isolation, the number one person you need to care for is you. Without a healthy you, you can’t be a rock for your family, children, friends, colleagues, neighbors and pets.

During this time of extra time, make yourself a priority. Keep showing up for…yourself.

Put on the cute sweater. Roll out your yoga mat. Read books. Paint your nails. Wear perfume. Make art. Set the table. Light the candles. Drink the wine. Explore that hobby. Dance to music. Bake the cookies. Chalk the sidewalk. Ride the bikes. Jump on beds. Call your friends. Write the blog. Walk the dog. Clean the closet. Binge on Netflix. Sip fancy coffee. Sew a dress. Look at photos. Build a website. Write a letter. Use the juicer. Color with crayons. Sing out loud.

Keep on living.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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