Sharing Your Kindness

I found this little card on a table at my local hospital. Nice reminder!

When I see a new person in yoga class, I usually flash them a smile and say hello as I unroll my yoga mat and get set up. It’s a two-second gesture that I know I’d appreciate if I were the newbie at the studio.

Everyone — I mean everyone — you cross paths with is managing something.

It might be fleeting butterflies while trying something new, or layers of confusion and sadness while grieving the loss of a loved one. They might be facing ongoing health challenges or an unexpected career decision. You have no idea.

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Big or small, we all have lingering concerns.

So, here’s my thought. When you’re in good spirits and have the energy to smile, wave, say hello, click “like” or share a few warm words, do it. Those simple gestures may turn someone’s mood around. Then they smile, and naturally emit a positive vibe.

A ripple of kindness then blankets your community.

About a month ago, a new gal at the yoga studio I frequent thanked me for my kindness. I was shocked that my simple morning greeting meant enough to her to say something after class, and even more surprised that this moment of shared happiness still lingers in my thoughts.

What can you do to be kind today?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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