September Reflection: Self Care, Canada Fun, Colorful Leggings

I spotted this lovely statue in Canada.


How are we heading into the last week of September already? It still feels like summer in Iowa during the day, with hints of fall in the evenings.

This month several articles published for my clients, I ventured to Canada for an off-the-grid business tech conference and I’ve totally fallen for some awesome leggings and HAVE to share!

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Identity, Self Care & Workouts

I’ve had several health-focused blog posts publish for my content marketing clients and on this website.

Hello, My name is Angie (Not, ‘The Sick Girl’) takes a candid dive into personal identity when you have a chronic illness (or two or three).

How Pampering Yourself Makes You Healthier crushes the stigma that self-care isn’t selfish and gives tips for easy ways to put yourself first.

And, I wrote about Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home for a2 Milk. You don’t have to invest a treadmill to burn calories, friend! Enjoy!

Phone-less in Canada

At the start of the month I spent four days at a kid’s summer camp with some of the world’s most influential business people at the Fireside Conference. No WiFi. Cabin life. Community meals. Lots of flannel. It was quite the experience! I’m honestly still digesting it all and letting the lessons settle deep within. (See the video above for some highlights!)

Initially, the hardest part for my type-A personality was the lack of structure. There were no programming schedules shared ahead of time, you could come and go to sessions as you want (or skip them and have a drink while creating art with friends… Hi Sven, DJ, Cian and Cassidy!) and nap through a meal because you knew there’d be snacks available in a few hours anyway.

I’m working on embracing a more fluid approach to my days, and this experience definitely pushed me head-on in the right direction.

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The Cutest Leggings

Before my trip to Canada, I splurged on some new cute leggings with a Sunset Mandala design from Mad Ink. They are super silky, soft and stretchy. I own another pair of leggings from this company and felt safe grabbing another.

You’ve seen me wearing the Mad Ink Art Skull Black design in my post titled How I Survived an All-Day Music Festival with Dietary Restrictions.

These leggings are less than $15, so I plan to get a few more pairs in the coming year.

Have you taken time to reflect on September? If not, go for a walk or jot a few ideas down in your journal. Check-in with yourself and see what fills your mind and think on it.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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  1. Jerry Mennenga says:

    Looks like a good trip. Leaving one’s comfort zone and learning to freewheel is never a bad thing. There you wouldn’t fail. Many safety nets. Friends. Good for you Angela.


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