Rest and Haikus

Over the weekend I attended the book release party for This is It by Ryan Allen. His wife is my therapeutic yoga instructor and friend at the Sioux City studio where I spend time each week.

Ryan treated us to two hours of candlelit restorative yoga poses flanked with cozy blankets and supportive bolsters, heartfelt readings from his book, slumber-inducing yoga nidra and energy-swirling reiki.

He explained that for the past few years he’s written a meditative haiku poem each day to document his journey. Over time the topics darted in various directions based on the unfolding of life, creating a collection of writing to draw from when assembling the 108 haikus featured in This is It.

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After the workshop, I asked Ryan what he did on days where he just didn’t have much for creative focus. All writers experience this. He said he writes about writing, or the day’s events that lingered on his mind. Simply being present with whatever thoughts materialize is the practice. Just go with it.

As I work through major life changes including an unexpected divorce and move, I’m putting self-care at the forefront of every single day. This event fit perfectly into my healing plan.

The next morning I eyed my journal on the shelf above my desk and decided to try my hand at 17 syllables. I didn’t have an idea to document or a thought to nurture, but I still did it.

The blank page stared back at me, and this is what came out.

What if, just what if,
Endings are beginnings,
Like a secret key.

Here’s to embarking on another one of life’s detours and exploring a new path. Are you experiencing a beginning too? Let’s go on this journey together.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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  1. Gail says:

    My friend is a certified life coach and is doing a journaling workshop online on Nov 2 from 10-11 am. If you are interested, send me a note and I will get you the info to sign up! Journaling is such a goof tool to work through stress and life changes.

  2. Mike Crowe says:

    This is interesting Angela. Getting writer’s block is a challenge. Just start writing as suggested. Writing about anything gets the brain moving and you never know where you will end up. But, that is the writer’s journey, isn’t it. Good article.

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