Resolutions Are Out, Words Are In

Resolutions are Out. Words are In.

After a recent healing session with shamans from Peru, I felt drawn to the Missouri River to sit in silence and observe its flow. Time for reflection can spark ideas and insight.

In the sea of new year’s blog posts and 2018 planning articles I’ve read, a new trend is emerging. Single words. As you might imagine, I’m thrilled. The concept of making a wide-sweeping new year’s resolution is out, and instead, people are adopting one word to guide their new year.

Of course, this word can have as complex or simple of a meaning as you’d like. I think the idea is to be more malleable in your thoughts, rather than announcing a list of black-and-white goals without actionable ways to achieve them.

There’s a word that has been popping up in my daily life for the past few months. It wants me to pay attention to it, so it’s going to be my word of focus for 2018.

It’s “Flow”.

For me, this embodies:

  • Finding a smooth flow with my work tasks and growing business
  • Going with the flow when things get bumpy
  • Creating a smoother flow in yoga class
  • Enjoying the flow of the river more often (I love water!)
  • Quieting my mind so subconscious thoughts can flow

Have you set a word or intention for 2018 that you’d like to share? Comment below or on Twitter!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!
Angela Tague

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