Reassuring the Yoga Class Newbie

Reassuring the Yoga Class Newbie

From the darkened back row of yoga mats, she called out. “I’m a newbie! I just wanted to let everyone know”.

I turned around, half in tortoise pose, and welcomed the new gal to our Thursday lunch hour yoga class today. I reassured her that she’ll do fine, especially since it’s a shorter 45-minute class and our instructor is fabulous with vocal cues.

I peeked over my shoulder a few times during our Hatha flow and the new gal seemed to be following along just fine.

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If you’re thinking about trying a yoga class, go for it.

Although your heels may not touch the mat during downward facing dog, you’re still getting a wonderful full-body stretch and building your core muscles.

If your fingers don’t touch your toes in forward fold, you’re not alone. It took me over a year to make contact. I was so excited, I let the teacher know “it finally happened” at the end of class.

Don’t be self-conscious of the loud breathing and crackling joints. They’re both common and expected in a yoga class.

It’s OK if you feel awkward when the instructor talks about chakras or your heart center. It takes time to warm up to the lingo and mental awareness that eventually becomes just as important as the physical benefits of yoga.

And where should you look? I used to keep my eyes on the teacher and people around me so I wouldn’t miss a beat. Now, I focus on my body alignment in the mirror, or have my eyes closed so I can relax more fully into poses.

Have you tried something new to improve your health? Tell me about it in the comments.

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