Quick Reminder: It’s OK to Rest

Quick Reminder: It’s OK to Rest

Having an overactive immune system is exhausting.

Compound the internal cellular fight with activities and commitments, and an average day can knock the wind out of a person with an autoimmune disease.

So, I’m here to say: It’s OK to rest.

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You don’t have to go, go, go. You can say ‘no’. It’s not lazy to curl up with a book or a movie and let your thoughts get lost in a story — as a diversion from your own.

Recently I read an article about our bodies’ extra need for rest and how taking the time to relax actually helps the autoimmune process simmer down momentarily. Think about the things that trigger your condition to flare even more, and do the reverse. For me, it’s vigorous exercise, long stretches of social activity and lack of sleep. The reverse of all of those is…rest!

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Here a few ways to let your mind and body relax:

  • Listen to music you enjoy
  • Download a meditation app, and use it (I like Calm.)
  • Take a nap
  • Try a coloring book for adults
  • Attend a gentle or therapeutic yoga class
  • Read a magazine
  • Tackle a creative project, like doing crafts or writing in a journal
  • Soak in a warm bath with relaxing essential oils (I like to spray frankincense and myrrh in the air!)
  • Snuggle a pet or cozy blanket
  • Rest outside in the sunshine or glow of the moon

When you decide to relax with a cup of tea instead of marking the next thing off your to-do list, you’re being kind to your body and setting yourself up for better moments ahead.

Sometimes we can only navigate this health experience by the hour, and that’s OK.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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