November Reflection: Gratitude, Goodbyes and Hellos

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So, “legs up a tree” may be my new favorite yoga pose.

I finally feel like I’m getting into the groove of these monthly reflection posts. Are you enjoying them too? It’s a subtle way to connect with you in a new, more direct way. I’m loving the feedback from readers, so please keep it coming! You can contact me via social media and email.

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Season of Gratitude

This week in the United States many will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite holidays because it focuses on being thankful for the abundance in our lives. Even during times of struggle, there are always people, events, actions, memories and things that warm our hearts, and for those, we feel gratitude.

I recently completed a 30-day gratitude challenge where I made it a point to think about what I was grateful for each and every day. Some of it was whimsical and joyful, while other times the reflection resulted in painful soul searching. It was a wild ride. I wrote about it for Tom’s of Maine in an article titled 30-Day Gratitude Challenge: What I Learned Along the Way. Take a peek and let me know your thoughts.

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Evolve yoga friends

Putting Down Roots

Last week I gave a goodbye hug to a dear friend from my yoga community. She and her wife are moving to Michigan to start a new life in a new home with a new career. So many changes! I feel blessed that we were able to share a name (Hi, Angi!), yoga studio and love of rock music during our time together in 2019.

In honor of our friendship, I ask you to take a moment and think about your friends. Who makes you laugh and brings you joy? Let them know. I’m working on nurturing friendships that could use a little dusting off and am feeling so much…wait for it…gratitude for the cycle of kindness that comes from a great chat between two people who care about each other unconditionally.

rural texas

Visiting the South

Today I’m working from a friend’s home office in Texas! As I focus on self care, growing my business and nurturing friendships, I’ve decided to give the digital nomad lifestyle a try. This week I’m blending writing with sightseeing and much-needed girl time with a college bestie!

She and her family recently moved to Texas to build their dream home and start a new chapter in their lives. I’m thrilled they invited me to share in the first Thanksgiving in their new home. Here’s to amazing memories and adventures ahead!

I’d love to hear about your November.

Are you finding gratitude in life’s journey?
Are you nurturing your friendships?
Are you focusing on self care?
Are you listening to your needs?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!
Angela Tague

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