No Bra Day = Fail

No Bra Day Fail

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Yesterday was No Bra Day. Supposedly, letting the girls go free for the day is supposed to create more visibility for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Really? All I noticed on my Facebook and Twitter feeds were pictures of tight T-shirts and perky breasts.  Um, that’s exactly what a breast cancer survivor who’s had a mastectomy really doesn’t care to see. Flaunting healthy breasts doesn’t create awareness.

Where are the links, blog posts and videos about to how to perform a self-exam? Or, guidelines for when you should get a mammogram?

Next October, let’s have a Mammogram Day sponsored by local healthcare providers who offer to provide free breast cancer screenings.

Or, what about free appointments at gynecology offices to teach women (and men) how to do self-exams so they can take note of any changes in their breast tissue?

I guess those days aren’t as sexy as encouraging women to go bra-less.

OK, so here’s my PSA. Don’t skip your annual mammogram, and do a self-exam tonight as you get ready for bed. See, that was easy. You are the number one advocate for your health. Don’t ignore your body!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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