Never Too Soon for Nog

Never Too Soon for Nog

I just bought egg nog. I know it’s only early October, but it was staring back at me at the grocery store last night.

Now, I’m not a lover of traditional egg nog. I think the texture is too thick (and dare I say slimy?) from the raw eggs.

I prefer a non-dairy nog made without eggs or cow milk. So, when I saw Silk’s seasonal soy milk Nog (original flavor) at Fareway last night, I grabbed it!

I’ve had Nog from Silk before, and this year’s blend is just as yummy. It’s rich, sweet and seasoned with turmeric. I think it’d go great with a slice of hot apple cake or some pumpkin pie.

And the best part? It has a creamy texture without the lingering slime factor of traditional egg nog. Excellent!!

Do you enjoy egg nog?

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