My Rosacea Skin Care Tips

My Rosacea Skin Care Tips

Last week I was on a beach in Massachusetts — wearing lots of sunscreen to protect my skin! Photo by Angela Tague

It’s the start of that questionable season: sunburn or rosacea?

As summer settles in I’m noticing the skin on my face is more tender, itchy, red and hot. Despite keeping up with my eczema skin care routine, I’m wondering if I’ve had a little too much sun, or if my rosacea is flaring.

So, I’m being more mindful of the way I care for my face. Here are my top tips to soothe and hydrate this tender skin, whether you have rosacea like me, or just want to pamper yourself!

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1. Wash daily. My facial skin is healthiest when I use a gentle facial cleanser daily. I like a citrus blend from Desert Essence and one from CeraVe that foams. I usually use these at the end of the day so I can wash away dirt and sweat before bedtime.

Also, a quick cold water rinse throughout the day is extra refreshing and washes away sweat, which always leads me to a skin fare up! I even keep a washcloth with me at yoga class to ensure sweat doesn’t sit on my facial skin too long and cause redness.

2. Moisturize simply. I have tried dozens of skin care products over the years to moisturize my face, from over-the-counter to prescription formulas. I keep going back to the basics: oils that won’t clog my pores. I prefer coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. Sometimes simple really is best!

I’m also careful to use my prescription skin care products when needed. Although I don’t like the side effects of steroids, sometimes they are necessary and are the only thing that will reduce redness and discomfort.

3. Apply (minimal) makeup. Speaking of redness, I tend to grab foundation or powder to help even my skin tone, but this can actually have the reverse effect in the long-term. I’ve actually overhauled my beauty routine since getting rosacea and now focus on makeup that doesn’t linger on my affected skin. My go-to makeup is now lip color, eyeliner and mascara — that’s it.

If I do want to wear foundation, eye shadow, powder or other products directly on my skin, I opt for mineral-based makeup that’s free of artificial fragrance and dyes that will irritate my skin. I love products from Burt’s Bees, Jane Iredale, Honeybee Gardens and Physician’s Formula.

How are you caring for your facial skin this summer? I’m always looking for new tips to try too! Share your ideas in the comments below.

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