My Magic Writing Goggles

Magic Writing Goggles

I started wearing glasses two weeks ago.

No, my vision hasn’t changed. I still have freakishly good eyesight. It’s like 20-30 or something. The optometrist is always shocked when I can read the very bottom line of his chart.

I’m wearing my new glasses by choice!

The hubby got me a special pair of glasses as a birthday gift. I stare at a computer screen for hours on end as a professional writer. By the afternoon, my eyes are usually so tired, that I’m counting the minutes until I can get away from my desk for what I call a screen-break.

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My nifty new glasses are from Gunnar. They’re designed primarily for gamers and people who stare at computer and television screens way too much. (That’s me.)

The first day I wore them, I kept touching my face. Adjusting. Moving them. Tucking them behind my ears different ways. They felt funny. I’m simply not used to wearing something on my face all day long. And when I wear sunglasses, it’s for a few minutes, maybe a few hours, at a time.

But by the afternoon, I was hooked. My eyes didn’t feel as tired as usual and I didn’t notice my predictable afternoon slump — despite being up late the night before celebrating my birthday!

Day two rolled around and my face-touching issue slowly resolving itself. Thank goodness! I might actually be getting used to being a glasses-wearing girl.

Week two is now in the books, and I’m loving my Gunnar glasses. I skipped wearing them for a day last week, and could tell that my eyes were more tired by afternoon than on the days I wore the glasses.

So, what do these magic writing goggles do? I’m not sure of the technical aspects, but the glasses make me feel a little smarter, give a slightly yellow tint to my computer screen and somehow make my eyes feel less tired after a long day of writing.

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This blog post was last updated on May 29, 2019.


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