My Little Experiment

My Little Experiment

When was the last time you commented directly on a blog post? For most of us, it’s not that often, or ever.

With the growing popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, most conversations are sparked in the comments section on a social media post about an article — not the article itself.

I’ve noticed this trend over the past year here on Cupcakes and Yoga Pants, so I’m going to do a little experiment during November and December 2017.

I will continue to post to the Cupcakes and Yoga Pants Facebook Page daily with updates about my healthy choices and articles that focus on mind and body wellness. Of course, there will be goofy memes too!

During the two months, I will no longer post a new article on the blog each Tuesday morning or send email updates to folks on the subscriber list. I will be gauging how this affects my readership, profitability and workflow.

At the end of the year, I will evaluate how I want to move forward with the blog and corresponding Facebook Page. So, if you love reading my posts, please be sure to make it known in the next two months and stay tuned for updates on Facebook!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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  1. Cricket says:

    I think when the really good feed readers died off, that was the death knell for commenting on blog posts. It made keeping up with more than a few favorite blogs so much more difficult. Email alerts help, but wow…who doesn’t have a full inbox these days, too? 🙂

    FB/Twitter can be great for getting the word out about posts, but I also miss those conversations right there at the post.

    Looking forward to seeing what your experiment reveals. 🙂

    • Angela Tague says:

      Hi Cricket! You’ve hit the nail on the head exactly. It’s all just changing technology and reader patterns. And the full email inbox… whew! I agree 100 percent! I’m excited to see what happens too! I’ll keep you posted!

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