Munay Ki: A Time for Connection

pi stone

My beautiful new pi stone from the Munay Ki.                               December 2019

I’ve always felt a natural, nurturing connection to indigenous cultures.

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I spent a year of college immersed in the Koori culture of the Aboriginal people in Australia. I’ve engaged in drum circles while photographing Native American pow-wows in the Midwest. And a few years ago I was blessed by a healing ceremony from a Peruvian shaman.

So, of course, I said yes when I was invited to spend three days last weekend learning from Celia Blackwood of Heartstone Healing Arts about the spirituality of the Q’ero people from the Andes Mountains in Peru.

In short, I feel very validated and content.

So many of the intuitive ideas I have about life align with their teachings and ceremonies, rekindling a sense of calm and purpose deep in my soul.

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A small group of us spent the weekend working through the Munay Ki, which are nine rites of initiation into the Shamanic spirituality of the Andean people. We journeyed, meditated, received blessings and shared our connection to the universe, helping to build a more conscious community both locally and globally.

At the close of the weekend, a friend casually asked about my experience.

I wasn’t sure how to answer since I’m still processing the teachings, stories, culture and history. I’m curious to see how this new knowledge will inspire me to make shifts in my daily awareness, spiritual practice and career aspirations.

I do know this was transformative and will take time to settle into my conscious brain, although it’s been brewing and growing in my subconscious for more years than I know. My natural intuition and innate passion for crafting stories through words and images was validated multiple times.

It will be interesting to see where this experience takes me. Until then, I’ll cherish my enhanced intuitive gifts and new pi stone (an Inca symbol of our luminous energy body) bestowed to me during the final rite.

Have you studied indigenous cultures and found that it made a difference in your mental and physical wellbeing too? I’d love to connect! Comment below or reach out HERE.

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