Mums are Annuals and Perennials?

Mums are Annuals and Perennials?

Last summer I planted two huge pots of mums in the backyard. They bloomed beautifully during the fall, then died down during the cold Iowa winter. That’s normal.

In the spring, I expected to see little tufts of green sprout up during the rainy, sunny weather. Nope. Both plants had dried up and died.

So, yesterday I bought a few more mums. This time I looked closer at the pots and discovered that mums can be annuals or perennials depending on what gardening zone you live in! I had no idea!

Better Homes and Gardens says mums are perennials, and have a better chance of survival if planted in the spring or summer.

So, here’s hoping for a mild winter and a set of hearty plants. I really want these orange-bronze mums to make it! I’ll be planting them this week.

Do you have mums in your yard? Do they come back each year?

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