Mental Workout: The Complete Brain Exercise Book

Mental Workout: The Complete Brain Exercise Book

When’s the last time you gave your brain a good workout?

Have you challenged yourself to read about a complex issue or worked your way through a stack of crossword puzzles?

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Dr. Fraser Smith, BA, MATD, ND is determined to help you get your brain in shape and stay sharp with his new book, The Complete Brain Exercise Book.

When I started looking through Dr. Smith’s ideas, I was thrilled to see he goes beyond the usual mind-bending games. This book offers so much more.

He kicks off the guide with an in-depth explanation of how the brain works and why we need to challenge our intellect. If you love biology and science, you’ll find the explanations on brain function and aging incredibly interesting.

Next, he presents a variety of brain exercises that you can do while reading the book, or as you go about your daily life. I tried a few of the games and quizzes both while reading and out grocery shopping. The exercises definitely force you to think instead of wandering aimlessly in autopilot mode. In a sense, the exercises remind me of being mindful during yoga practice. Dr. Smith encourages you to simply be more aware of the details in your surroundings.

He then explains the importance of keeping your brain healthy through rest, physical exercise, emotional well-being, increasing our language skills and by choosing a healthy diet. The book wraps up with both an education on how nutrients affect the brain and a menu plan (with recipes!) to help you choose brain-healthy foods. Each recipe includes a health tip to let you know how the key ingredients are fueling and improving your body. Nice!

I’m looking forward to working through a few of the recipes and continuing the brain exercises in the book.

What do you do to stay mentally sharp?

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Choose healthy!

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Note: This post was updated on September 2, 2018.

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