Making Time to Relax

Making Time to Relax

I am driven. Each day I push forward to grow my writing business, bring on new clients and meet deadlines. I think about some aspect of work pretty much all the time.

I also love what I do. I get paid to be creative. It’s a darn good gig.

But, I have a confession. I’m terrified of taking time off work. What if I miss an important email? What if a client needs me? What if someone on social media has a question? I want to be there for them.

This past weekend I took three days (pretty much) off work. I did check in on email and social media messages, but I didn’t do any client projects.

Going into the weekend, I felt guilty and lazy for freeing up space on my calendar. I feel like I should *always* be working and moving forward. There are bills to pay, projects to finish and websites to update.

My To Do list grows daily.

But, this past labor Day weekend, I forced myself to relax. My sister decided to come to town for a last-minute visit. We went to the gym, visited the farmer’s market, watched Netflix and even took a nap.

We were lazy. And, I ended up liking it.

The rest and rejuvenation must have been good for my brain. I happily flew through my work tasks today without feeling drained. Words were flowing and I checked three articles off my September calendar.


Do you have trouble making time for yourself? I’m working on creating more “me-time” and trying to make six-day weeks fewer and fewer. We will see. Do you have any tips for me?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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