Making Healthy Decisions One Day at a Time

Making Healthy Decisions One Day at a Time

Be in this moment.

That’s been my mantra for a few days now. I struggle with staying present because I’m always thinking ahead to my to do-list or if I should have approached a completed task differently.

When I do that, I miss the here and now. This moment.

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So, I’m starting to apply this thought process to making healthy decisions. The tagline for this blog is “Making Healthy Decisions One Day at a Time”, when really, all it takes to have a healthier mindset is to think of your wellness in this moment.

Are you tense? Take a deep breath and focus on your inhale and exhale.
Are you hungry? Reach for something nourishing and filling.
Are you sad? Give someone a compliment and bask in the shared happiness.

Don’t worry about what you indugled in last night or how that meeting will go next week. Instead, take inventory of your health in this very moment, and make one healthy decision.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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