Make Your Space More Zen

Make Your Space More Zen

The holidays have wrapped up and now it’s finally time to give yourself a little TLC!

I don’t know about you, but putting up a house full of Christmas decorations, hosting a big dinner party and getting everything put away is (albeit fun!) quite the task.

We’re in the home stretch at my place, with just the Christmas tree to dismantle. I wrap each ornament in a paper towel or tissue paper before tucking it away for safe keeping until next season — so it takes while. We have a fluffy 9ft. tree!

I’m thankful that I received so many gifts this season that help me live a more zen, relaxed life. So, I’ve decided to share!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

I opened not one, but two, of these amazing lamps during our family Christmas party. The salt rocks are warmed with a small light bulb and give off a beautiful glow. The idea is the salt helps purify the air, so you have a healthier environment. Plus, the warm glow works as a soothing nightlight. Sign me up! I have one in the bedroom and another in the living room. So far, so good! The hubby and I have both kept the flu bug away since we started using the lamps.

Fuzzy Slippers

Since I work from a home office, I like to have indulgent footwear ready to go at all times. A pair of fuzzy-lined slippers with a great sole for support is the perfect way to treat your tired feet! I received my first pair of BearPaws at Christmas, and adore them! They’re sturdy and oh so plushy inside. Treat your feet to some new slippers ASAP!

Make Your Space More Zen

Essential Oil Diffuser

I have been using oils around the house for years, but never used an electric diffuser until now. They are so handy! I place the recommended amount of water and 1-3 drops of an oil in and boom, it comes out as a fragrant mist. I’m currently using diffusers from Anker, Ellia and Art Naturals. All three offer a pretty color changing feature and the option to have the mist come out continuously or in short delayed bursts. Having aromatherapy in my office, bedroom, living room and guest bedrooms during the gloomy days of January have been wonderful!


Coloring Books

Last year Inkspirations sent me a few samples of those trending adult coloring books. I never thought I’d really get into it because I’m a busy gal. But, when I sit down to relax, it is fun to color again! If you’re looking for an easy way to unwind at the end of the day, this is it. You can color for five minutes or for hours. It’s up to you! Plus, you get some cool art to show off afterward!


Streaming Music

I am never without music playing nearby. Whether it’s the radio in the bedroom, music streaming from my smartphone or a tab open on my computer, I’m always rocking out! My two favorite services are Pandora and Amazon Music. The shuffle of random music in a genre I enjoy introduces me to new artists and revives my love for some old favorites. Today started with some Joan Jett wailing “I love Rock n’ Roll”. I haven’t heard that song in a long time. So fun! Later I’ll kick over to one of my yoga stations for a little meditation music.

What makes your space extra zen? Comment below using Facebook or the comment form!

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