Love One Another

Love One Another #CupcakesAndYogaPants

The coolest funeral guest book ever: a guitar!

Last week I attended the funeral of a friend. Honestly, I didn’t know him very well. We met in passing at concerts and house parties, but he spent countless weekends with my husband and his group of friends making music and memories.

What we didn’t realize is that he was hiding a problem that was growing in magnitude without our knowledge.

It took his life.

Sitting in the funeral home, surround by classmates, co-workers and friends in their 30s and 40s, listening to stories and a band mate sing to his a recording of his guitar playing was painful. It was a shocking reminder that we can die young. Life is fragile.

He was full of potential, but still, in his short 38 years taught us all a lesson, or two.

Love one another.
Stay in touch.
Reach out.
Don’t let the small stuff divide you.
Argue for what you feel is right.
Be creative.
Express your feelings.
If you feel alone, there is always some ready to listen.
Your friends love you.
Be honest with yourself about needing help, and seek it.
Love transcends family connections.

I could go on and on with my personal takeaways from last week. Above all, be kind and be there for the people in your life. Everyone is going through something, and you might just be the one to offer comforting words that change their direction.

Questioning someone else’s behaviors isn’t easy. We don’t want to offend, embarrass or get involved in a situation where we may not be welcome.

But, if you have the gut instinct that something is amiss, speak up.

Sometimes though, there are no visible warnings signs. Our radar doesn’t pick up on subtle cues. We simply don’t see things clearly until it’s too late. And, that’s OK. We’re not mind readers or able to see someone else’s life from their perspective 100 percent of the time.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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