Looking for Hope

Looking for Hope

“Look here. This says changing your diet could help,” the most caring wife pointed out to her husband as she skimmed a lifestyle magazine.

The three of us, sandwiched together in a narrow row of airplane seats, waited for takeoff.

Air vents hummed. Overhead bin clasps clicked.

The husband nodded in agreement, exhausted from the prostate cancer that riddled his tiny frame. His glances floated between the paragraphs of promising text and a ceiling-mounted miniature TV screen.

“We need to get away from all the processed food. And, sugar,” she continued, absorbing every word of the article with increasing hope.

A few minutes later the husband’s attention was again averted from the pre-flight video.

“Look at this, honey! They’re testing out a vaccine for cancer,” as she underlines each precious sentence with her finger for emphasis.

“So they can cure me?” the husband asks.

“Well, you already have prostate cancer, so this is for other people so they don’t get it,” she stumbles over her words. “But, maybe it could help slow things down.”


I usually chit chat with others on airplane rides, but decided to let this family have their moment and discoveries.

Food can bring hope, and sometimes miracles.

I hope they had a fabulous vacation and decided to #ChooseHealthy on their travels.

Where do you find inspiration to take care of yourself? Magazines? Friends? Doctors? Social Media? After listening to this conversation, I’m intrigued.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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