Little Lost Dog

Little Lost Dog

I’m a dog magnet. So, is my husband. It seems like every few months a stray dog shows up at our door or crosses our paths. Just last night we were talking about a dog we found earlier this summer and how she had finally been adopted into her forever home.

This morning another lost pup found us.

The hubby was walking out to the garage when a caramel and white Chihuahua came running up to him in our alley. A minute or two later the doorbell rang, and there stood my hubby — cuddling Duke.

Thankfully the lost dog was wearing a collar and tags. I called the phone number and talked with Duke’s dad, who was working out of town. He told me his address and I took the pup back to his yard.

This tale has a happy ending, but comes with an important reminder. The address on Duke’s tags was outdated. Thankfully the phone number was current. Take a minute and look at your pets’ ID tags. Are your current phone number and address listed?

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