Lights, Camera, Puppy Date!

On Monday evening, Orion and I decided to head downtown to watch the holiday parade and lighting ceremony. This annual tradition kicks off the start of the holiday season for our community and usually draws a significant crowd. This year was no exception, despite the chilly weather and lingering rain drops.


annual holiday parade

We live in Iowa, so of course no parade is complete without a tractor, or two. I love this shot because the holiday lights are reflected on the pavement. It looks like a dance floor!

Oh, and cameras buffs, cut me some slack on these. They were shot at ISO3200, one-handed, with an 80lb. dog pulling on my other hand all evening.

The Beatles

The local Hard Rock Casino invited The Beatles to the parade! These were pretty unusual giant costumes (and unexpected) in our little parade. SO much fun!

Orion and the sheep

As we walked around downtown, Orion had to do several drive-bys of the local museum. The front window showcases local livestock raised in our area. He took a particular liking to this sheep.

waiting for lights

The downtown area is pretty at night, even as we waited for the Christmas tree to officially be lit by Santa Claus. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…

Christmas in Iowa

1! Ta Da! The lights are on and Christmas can officially begin! Well, first we get to enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, take lots of photos and create many memories. I know Orion and I sure did during this evening outing!

Angie and Orion

Orion and I were pooped from all the excitement and walking! (He just turned 13 last month, so the old man did great.)

Until next time,
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