Learning Your Limits

Learning Your Limits #CupcakesAndYogaPants

It’s hard to accept limitations.

We’re often taught to push forward, try harder and do more. Be productive. Just go for it!

I’m one of those people who thrives in a class structure lead by a motivational instructor, surrounded by others who are giving it their all.

I push myself.

Although it can be admirable to collectively reach a goal and successfully finish a task, class or dream, I’m here to remind you to acknowledge your limits, even if it means being the one who looks out of place.

Today I tried a high-intensity, cardio-based yoga class. It was invigorating! I loved the energy, the moves and the sweat. It reminded me of my old days at circuit training classes.


That’s when I started to pull back. I knew such a commanding workout could cause my rheumatoid arthritis to flare. So, I started to modify some of the moves and take extra water breaks to give my heart rate a chance to come down a bit.

Although I recognized that I was pushing my limits (which felt amazing) I could tell I was probably overdoing what my physical, internal body could handle.

My suspicion was correct. A few hours after I got home, eczema flared on my face, my fingers puffed into sausages, the brain fog set in and an full-on RA flare arrived.

It’s been a tough day. I was reminded of my limits.

But, for that hour it sure felt good to try something new, push myself and complete a class I ordinarly wouldn’t attempt.

Mind 1
Body 0

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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