Keep Your Blog Healthy! 5 Blogging Tips for My Blogger Friends

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Bloggers read blogs. So, today I want to depart a bit from my usual focus on physical and mental wellness, and share a few tips for my fellow bloggy friends and how they can nurture their blogging process.

First of all, we all have moments where we stare at a blank screen. Luckily, these are balanced with bursts of inspiration. This ebb and flow of writing is what ultimately forms an ongoing cache of work for the world to enjoy.

Thankfully, there are ways to make blogging easier, more enjoyable and more effective. You do have goals for your blog, right? Maybe it’s to reach a specific type of reader, generate an income or get feedback on your personal expression. (Or, maybe all of the above?)

Whatever drives you to put fingers to keyboard, these five tips will help you move forward in your journey!

5 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Process

1. Find consistency in your publishing schedule. We are creatures of habit and like routine, even when it comes to reading a blog.

This blog publishes a new post every Tuesday afternoon. I post a new blog entry on my writing website on the first Thursday of each month. I go to yin yoga class on Monday nights. I work on accounting tasks on Fridays.

I think you get the point. Your readers will soon learn when to expect new content from you, and be on the lookout!

2. Listen to your readers and follow-up. I’m often asked how to come up with ideas for a blog post and by far, one of the best ways to write something that will resonate is to take cues from your readers.

What posts are they leaving feedback on? What are they saying? What questions are they asking?

Use this information to fuel future posts.

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3. Look at your website’s analytics. No readers? No feedback? No problem! Go into your blogging platform an look at the charts, graphs and numbers.

Which topics are getting the most pageviews? What search terms are bringing people to your website? Which ads are getting the most clicks?

This trail of breadcrumbs will lead you to the topics your organic readers care about most.

4. Keep an ongoing list of ideas. I know I’m not the only one who has moments where ideas flood in faster than I can write.

When this happens, jot down the topics you don’t have time to explore so you can tackle them later. This will become a list of go-to blog topics for those days when you aren’t feeling as inspired or creative.

Seeing your previous ideas will ignite that flame and help you move forward with your writing.

5. Be vulnerable and authentic. When you infuse raw emotions and passion into your writing, your readers feel the words as they read.

You begin to inspire and educate people on a level akin to chatting with a best friend. It’s real. It’s relatable.

It’s hard to do, but worth practicing if you want your blog to have an impact on others, and not just yourself.

I’d love to hear about your blogging challenges in the comments below — both from the reader and writer perspective. I maintain this blog each week not only as part of my writing career, but also because it’s a personal passion. Talk to me!

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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