January Reflection: It’s All About Emotional Wellness

January Reflection: It's All About Emotional Wellness

My view yesterday, under one of my favorite oak trees.

As I sit down to reflect on the month and look over the pieces I’ve written, emotional health has been a primary focus.

So many of my friends are juggling difficult personal situations alongside daily life challenges right now, so I’ve felt compelled to give a little glimpse inside my own healing journey for inspiration.

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What I’ve Been Writing

Here on the blog I shared my experience with a Buddhist healing practice in Metta Meditation: Loving Kindness for All. I also explained the meaning behind a popular Hawaiian cultural prayer that helps us embrace forgiveness.

On the Good Matters blog, I penned “How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage from Past Relationships” where I talk about identifying your feelings, processing emotions and why it’s important to let go of heaviness.

On a2 Milk®’s health blog, I shared “Steps Towards a Healthier 2020“, and lead with checking in with yourself because it’s so incredibly important to your mental health. Of course, I’ve talked about self check-ins here on the blog too. Just do it!

These four pieces pushed me to dig deep, and for that, I’m thankful for this crazy writing career of mine. Organizing my thoughts for others to consume helps me process my own emotions and connect with friends and new readers who are important to me.

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January Reflection: It's All About Emotional Wellness

A fun little layering of textures I noticed on my walk yesterday.

What I’ve Been Doing

On a personal note, I’ve been down with the sickness. A tickle in my throat has progressed into a terrible sore throat, stuffy nose and hacking cough. I’ve been stay in, making green smoothies and spending ample time on Netflix.

If you’re interested in alternative healing methods and getting really raw with personal development, check out The Goop Lab. It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s new series on Netflix. They don’t shy away from talking about PTSD, sexual health or emotions, so get ready for some reflective thoughts of your own to bubble up!

I’m also reading “When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times” by Pema Chodron. When I picked up the book at the library, I figured it’d be a quick easy read since it’s only an inch thick. I was wrong. I’m reading it one paragraph at a time, often reflecting for hours on the words. I’ve renewed the book three times and might just need to break down and buy a copy for myself so I can study it at my preferred lingering snail pace.

Have you taken time to reflect on your January? Spend some quiet time in nature (or looking at it from a window!) without any interruptions. What pops into your mind?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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