Is Your To-Do List Filled with Obligations or Opportunities?

Is Your To-Do List Filled with Obligations or Opportunities?

I’m quickly learning that a mental shift it what it takes to manage a hectic schedule week after week. Sometimes tasks pile up. Plans change. Projects pivot and go in a new direction leading to more work than originally planned.

We get consumed with all that we have to do and feel stressed or anxious. At least, I do.

Take a Breath and Slow Down

I’m learning to pause, thanks to a book I read recently and some encouraging words from my therapist. Instead of looking at the growing items on my overstuffed to-do list as chores, I’m reframing my perception and seeing them as opportunities.

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I’m focusing on the gratitude that flows from being a small business owner with a thriving client base. I’m appreciating the flexibility in my career. I’m still shocked that I get to write about topics that I enjoy and influence others with my insights, research or opinions.

It’s pretty incredible.

Can You Embrace this Mindset Too?

Although your situation and career probably differ from mine, look at your day with a fresh outlook.

Celebrate the ability and opportunity to do the things you do.

There are others who would love to have a job to go to, the health to exercise, a bed to sleep in, pets to play with, children to love, friends to visit and the food that lands on your dinner plate tonight.

What’s coming up in the next few hours for you? Are they opportunities or obligations?

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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