Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress With the Insight Timer App

Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress With the Insight Timer App

Sometimes the best thing we can do is pause to catch our breath. It brings our attention back to the moment, reduces stress and lets us think more clearly.

A few weeks ago a friend suggested I look into Insight Timer, a meditation app that I could download onto my cellphone and use to bring a sense of calm to overwhelming moments.

I’ve turned to the app a dozen or so times now and am thankful for the free podcasts, guided imagery meditations, music, stories, poems and positive sentiments. The library of content offers audio files of just a few minutes, up to over an hour, so you really can find something that fits the time you have available.

I’ve been listening while I relax in the bathtub, walk the dog, wash dishes, drive, eat lunch or unwind before going to sleep.

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When I first started I felt silly, like I was listening to a pep talk reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live skit. But, then I noticed a subtle shift in my mood and energy after listening. I felt less mentally consumed by the tasks ahead of me, with more focus and vitality to tackle them.

I’ve tried Calm and Headspace, and find value in both of those meditation apps as well. But, I keep going back to Insight Timer thanks to the variety of free meditations available that fit into my day, whether I have a few minutes or a half hour to devote to relaxation.

Give Insight Timer a try and let me know if you enjoy it too.

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