I’m in Low-Power Mode


I'm in low-power mode

Have you had one of those mornings where you wake up to your cell phone battery icon blinking red —  and you gasp? Concerned, you scramble to find the power cord to juice up your device, or your day will feel off.

As the electrical charge slowly trickles in, you see the percentage climb. 20, 40, 60…100.

Ahhh! Worry melts away.

Now imagine you can’t find your power cord. You have to live your day with single digits of battery power, focusing only on the absolutely most important tasks on your phone because you know it will soon shut down.

When you live with a chronic illness, it’s a daily challenge to find that power cord and get back into double digits. Your body is fighting against you every step of the way with inflammation, pain, fatigue, rashes and mental overwhelm.

It’s exhausting living this way day after day.

Then throw in the challenging day-to-day life, family and work situations that we all experience and it’s a compounding downward spiral of physical, emotional and mental unwellness.

My body is screaming for the love and attention it deserves. From head to toe, the rashes, blistering skin, migraines, joint pain, nausea, muscle paralysis, digestion issues, brain fog, exhaustion and new diagnoses every few months are speaking loud and clear.

Finally, I’m truly listening.

For the past two years I’ve been more acutely focused on my health and wellness to manage some new concerns, but now it’s time to take my health care up a notch.

A huge notch.

For the month of January, you won’t see me online as often. Why? I’m focusing on my physical, mental and emotional wellness with an abundance of love and compassion for myself to enable a deep, difficult healing shift.

I’ve found a healthcare team who has pinpointed the possible root cause of my autoimmunity and the crippling, mounting side effects it has generated over the years.

I’m ready to heal. They’re ready to make it happen.

I’m hoping for…

Less pain. More joy.
Fewer nightmares. More dreams.
Less chaos. More calm.
Fewer doctor’s visits. More time to enjoy life.
Less PMing. More in-person moments with caring friends and family.
Fewer digital app streaks. More intrinsic accountability.
Less passive scrolling. More thoughtful reading and writing.
Less autopilot. More mindfulness.

During the month of January, you’ll probably notice I’m online less and may take longer to reply to comments and messages. My weekly posts will likely be bite size. I’m purposely in low-power mode to acutely focus on what means most to me: my health.

As I work through this new healing process, I’m also in learning mode. I hope to have the strength to share more with you as I move forward, depending on how things unfold for me personally.

So with that, I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead. May your resolutions be strong and your will to heal from whatever burdens you even stronger.

Until next time,
Choose healthy!

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