I Tried Microgreens


During the summer, I try to visit my local farmer’s market at least once a week.

While browsing the plentiful booths on Saturday, I came across something I’ve been itching to try for quite awhile: microgreens. I’ve read they are incredibly nutrient dense, making them one of the healthiest greens to munch on. The vendor who sold me the greens said the same thing too.

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So, I bought a little pint-size box for $2.00 and gave them a try at lunch time.

I was told several veggie seeds — including radishes, cauliflower and broccoli — are sprouted and allowed to grow for approximately two weeks. Then the tiny seedlings are harvested and sold as microgreens.

They are amazing.

Why? Each little tender plant tastes like the vegetable it would have eventually produced! Enjoying a bowl of microgreens is sort of like having a mixed vegetable salad without all the chopping, slicing and dicing. So yummy!

Have you tried microgreens? What did you think?

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Note: This post was updated on January 12, 2017.





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