I Don’t Love Pink Ribbons


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Get ready for pink ribbons! Breast cancer awareness month is coming.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I support breast cancer research and am a huge advocate for breast cancer self-screenings and mammograms. After all, I had my own scare last fall that lead to many sleepless nights and surgery.

Thankfully, my incident was just a scare.

However, now when I see pink ribbons, I get a little upset. Why? Instead of buying a cancer survivor or cancer-scare survivor a T-shirt or hat covered in pink ribbons, think about helping the person directly. If you really want to make an impact on someone who is, or has dealt with, this scary situation, step up and be a friend. How?

  • Offer to help them with housework or shopping if they’re exhausted from chemo or sore from surgery.
  • Instead of giving a get-well gift, give a check to put toward their growing medical bills or offer to pick up some things for them at the pharmacy.
  • Go to their radiation or chemo appointments and be supportive instead attending a fundraising rally or race — if you don’t have time to do both.
  • Bring a meal over to their family. They’re having a tough time too.
  • Offer to take their dog to the groom shop or give him a walk. Daily chores are probably put on hold during sick/healing days.

How have you helped a friend or family member dealing with breast cancer?

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Choose healthy!

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