How to Make Chicory Coffee Taste Good

close up photo of chicory granules used to make chicory coffee

Chicory granules used to make chicory coffee

I’m not a coffee drinker. I know it’s confusing and a little sad, but let’s just say caffeine and I don’t get along.

I’ve explored many coffee alternatives over the years in hopes of finding a steamy mug of deliciousness to start my days and the hands-down winner that keeps making it into my shopping cart is chicory.

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If you haven’t heard of this dried, ground root that can be steeped like loose-leaf tea (I share how using a French Press in this article) and flavored like a light roast coffee, listen up.

Does Chicory Taste Like Coffee?

No, chicory isn’t coffee.

And the flavor, well, it’s similar in that it can have a full-body, savory flavor and accept lots of coffee house condiments making it a tasty alternative for those who can’t have traditional coffee or for those who want to drink less coffee and find a coffee alternative to mix into their days.

One of the most popular articles on this blog is Does Chicory Taste Like Coffee?. Check that out if you’ve never tried it. If you have brewed chicory and are looking for new ways to make it taste better or feel like a corner cafe specialty drink, read on.

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mixing a spoonful of cocoa mix into a mug of brewed chicory coffee

Chicory coffee plus hot cocoa mix? Yes, please!

5 Ways to Make Chicory Coffee Taste Good

Channel your inner barista and gather your favorite coffee add-ins. They swirl perfectly into freshly brewed and strained chicory granules.

  1. Add milk. If you’ve always enjoyed lattes or a splash of milk in your coffee, you can do the same with brewed chicory. I’ve experimented with almond and soy milks. Choose your favorite, and go with it!
  2. Use creamer. It’s hard to pass up seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice or peppermint stick when browsing the dairy case at the grocery store. You can amp up your mug of chicory with a non-dairy coffee creamer too.
  3. Mix in chocolate. If you’ve always been a mocha lover, the same can be applied to chicory. Add a handful of milk chocolate chips, a squirt of chocolate sundae sauce or a spoon of hot cocoa mix (I like this gluten free one from Silly Cow Farms) to your mug and enjoy.
  4. Pour over ice. If you’re addicted to chilled coffee drinks, swap out the java for chicory and use your same syrups and flavorings to make your favorite beverage caffeine-free and coffee-free.
  5. Brew it stronger. When I first tried chicory, it tasted weak. I used to like black coffee on occasion and was missing the robust flavor, so I tried putting more chicory granules into my loose leaf tea diffuser, and voila! Experiment to find your flavor preference. I hover between one teaspoon to two tablespoons of chicory per mug.

Have you tried chicory? How do you like to drink it?

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  1. Linda Camp says:

    I love my chicory recipe:
    1 1/4 tsp roasted chicory root
    3/4 tsp roasted dandelion root
    1/2 tsp carob powder (or cocoa)
    10 oz. hot water

    • Angela Tague says:

      Linda, that sounds amazing!!! I absolutely love to mix hot cocoa mix with pure brewed chicory granules. But, your recipe is a much healthier option. Thanks so much for sharing! ~ Angela PS: I’m drinking dandelion root tea right now!

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